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When Should The Grit Be Spread?

The decision about whether to grit the roads is made on a daily basis. It is the temperature of the road surface which determines the necessity for grit spreading. Gritting is generally carried out when road temperatures are less than 1 degrees Celsius, with ice being forecast.

Snow Clearing Aberdeen offer private road gritting and winter maintenance throughout Aberdeen, Dundee and Peterhead.

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Snow Clearing Aberdeen offers a private gritting service for your car park or private roads when the temperature makes it unsafe. 

Ask us about a scheduled de-icing service or a pay as you go package. We cover across Aberdeen and the surrounding areas to offer a reliable salt and grit spreading service.

What Is The Decision Making Process? 

There are monitoring stations all over the country that record the ground temperature. Reports from these stations are used to determine whether the ground is likely to freeze. Daily weather reports are also used as they can also predict the ground temperature as well as the dew point. 

Dewpoint refers to the point where the air is no longer able to hold moisture because it is too cold. When dew point occurs, and the ground temperature drops below zero, then it is likely that ice will begin to form on roads that have not been treated. The experience and knowledge of the team of gritters will also have a role to play in whether the decision is made to grit the roads. 

Roads Can Still Be Icy

Even if gritting has taken place, there may still be ice on the roads. If the forecast changes quickly then ice may have started to form before the gritters have gone out. If the weather is wet, then there is no point sending gritters out because any salt that is laid will just be washed away. Grit salt also becomes ineffective when  the temperature falls below -5 degrees Celsius.

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Gritting Timings

Gritters will usually treat the roads overnight before the temperature dips below freezing. Roads are less busy in the evening and early morning hours so the gritters can work more effectively. You should expect to see the gritters on the road between 7 pm and 4 am. 

The only exception to this is if snow is forecast before 7 pm as the gritters will try and get out before the snow starts to fall. This will usually be done before the evening rush hour. If you live in a large county, you may find that different decisions are made for different regions as the weather conditions may differ.  

 Winter Gritting Specialist

If you require road ice to be safely gritted, call us today. We offer gritting for car parks, retail areas & more all with live updates. Call Snow Clearing Aberdeen to speak to our winter gritting specialist.

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