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Salt Spreading Services

To make roads accessible and safer to use in the winter, it's recommended to apply grit salt on the road surface. You can also spread sand on the road to provide help with traction. However, grit salt and sand can have a negative impact if used incorrectly. There are a few factors to consider before you buy a bag of grit and throw it all over your garden:

Snow Clearing Aberdeen offer private road gritting and winter maintenance throughout Aberdeen, Dundee and Peterhead.

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  The surface temperature of the road will determine the melting rate and the amount of salt or sand that is needed. As the temperature drops, the amount of salt required to melt the ice will increase; rock salt is most effective above 8 degrees Celsius.


    Timing is very important when laying down grit salt. It is best to apply it as soon as possible before it completely freezes over and affects traffic. Grit and salt spreading is typically carried out overnight when roads are less busy and if possible, before snowfall.

Weather Conditions

If the warmth of the sun can reach the ground, this will help the ice more quickly. On cold and clear nights, the temperature of the road is typically lower than the temperature of the air. Salt Spreading is not recommended in wet conditions since it'll just wash off.

Type of Surface

Snow and ice melt will work faster on hard surfaces such as concrete since it conducts heat quicker and retains it. Asphalt is able to take in more of the radiation from the sun and will help to melt the snow. Snow can melt fast on bare asphalt pavements.


Ice can also form on high banks and vegetation so look at the road surface when the sun comes out. Areas that are shaded are more likely to be icy. If the pavement is in the shade, then more salt grit will be needed to melt the ice. Sloped paths are along one of the most risky areas which require attention.


Rock salt is most effective when it is applied in a narrow strip along the road or pavement. While you will be using the same amount, this will allow you to quickly expose part of the surface so that the sun can reach it and help melt the ice. It also helps to produce a safe path quickly.

Gritter Contractor Hire

If you require professional gritting for car parks, retail parks or driveways, call Snow Clearing Aberdeen today on 01569 668 110.  We offer gritting services throughout Aberdeen and NW Scotland.

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