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FAQ About Rock Salt Delivery

What are your delivery conditions?

Because of the weight that our pallets carry, the road conditions must be level, flat, and hard-standing. Pallets can be more easily moved over flat surfaces and are unable to be safely manoeuvred on a hill.

We deliver our pallets to the curbside. While it is possible to give our drivers special delivery instructions, they will still deliver at their discretion. Because of this, it is advisable to plan for transporting the pallet yourself.

Because we specialize in both loose and fully-loaded pallets, we want to make sure we do our best to meet your delivery needs. Our partnership with our currier allows us to offer cost effective rates from which you will benefit.

What type of salt do I need?

Depending on your needs, we recommend either rock salt or de-icing salt. If you want to clear larger areas separate of entryways, then we recommend rock salt (sometimes referred to as brown and red salt). The rock salt does leave a slight residue that can be tracked indoors onto carpets.

Our rock salt is most popular with companies who are looking to create safer surface areas such as roads and carparks.

Alternatively, de-icing salt is useful if you don't want dirt tracked into your building or business. De-icing salt can still be used for carparks and roads but is also used for doorsteps and paths because of its cleaner nature.

How do I use de-icing salt?

When preparing for snow or ice through the night, spread the de-icing salt evenly over the area you wish to over.

Repeat this process as necessary. If, however, you don't manage to do this before the freezing weather, applying the de-icing salt on top of the snow and ice will be effective. Adding salt atop the snow may require a heavier application.

How pure is your salt?

Both our de-icing salt and our rock salt are to the British Standard, BS 3247: 1991, for de-icing salt. This states that there must be less a 4% moisture content in the salt. Our de-icing salt is 99% sodium chloride (NaCl), while our rock salt is 94% NaCl.

What is your delivery lead time?

The time it takes for us to process and execute your order is typically 2-3 working days, unless specified otherwise.

How is the delivery made?

We use pallets to transport our products, and thus the pallets are delivered by an HGV lorry, equipped with a tail lift, to the nearest curbside.

We require a flat, smooth, level surface to deliver, as the pallets can only be moved on these surfaces. Because of the weight, these pallets cannot be moved up or down hills.

What is the weight of a bag of salt?

Maxi Bag

While our maxi bags are not sold by weight, the approximate 23-26kg, one full bag consisting of 40 bags weighs roughly one tonne.

Bulk Bag

Our salts are not sold by weight. However, they weigh approximately 950 t just over a tonne at 1050kg.

Is the salt edible?

Neither of our salts are edible. Both the rock salt and the de-icing salt are intended for de-icing purposes only, and absolutely must not be ingested. For further information, see our salt data safety sheet.

Is de-icing safe?

Under normal conditions and handling, our de-icing salt is safe to use without ill-effect. However, for more information, please review our salt safety data sheet on our website.

We offer rock salt spreading throughout Aberdeen, Peterhead, Dundee and Aberdeenshire. Follow the link below to find out more about the areas that we offer road gritting in north Scotland.