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Should I Grit Before Snow?

During autumn and winter, the incidences of slip accidents tremendously increase due to many reasons. 

Not only do snow and ice to accumulate on paths, there is less daylight to help identify hazards. Leaves on footpaths can also become wet and slippery. Nevertheless, there are some effective actions one can implement to reduce chances of people slipping or tripping.

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Irrespective of the site's size, always make sure that frequently used pathways are quickly tackled to reduce the chances of slipping on snow, ice or frost. This can include driveways and paths.

Pinpoint outdoor zones walkers commonly use and are most likely going to be affected by ice. For instance, car parks, shortcuts, building entrances, sloped areas, pedestrian footpaths and lastly zones continually under shade or wet.  Monitoring the temperature is vital since prevention is key.

Put in place a protocol to prevent the formation of an icy surface or keep pedestrians off the slippery surface. Grit or salt should be spread in zones that are susceptible to the accumulation of frost or ice.

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Grit and Salt Spreading

In the event ice, frost or snow is forecast, gritting should be done or when pavements are likely to get wet or damp; and also when floor temperature levels are at or below freezing point. 

The best time to do this is either early in the morning just before employees arrive or early in the evening before the frost settles. It's important to remember that salt does not instantaneously work since it requires adequate time to dissolve into the moisture on the floor. It's not recommended to carry out gritting while it is raining, as it washes away the salt and can become problematic if the rain later turns to snow. 

Once the accumulated snow compacts and turns to ice, it is challenging to treat it efficiently using grit, which is typically used to provide traction to vehicles and pedestrians to minimise the risk of slips and falls. 

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