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Are you looking for private road gritting services in Aberdeen. Our road gritting service provides protection against ice and snow over the winter months.

Morning winter blasts can be dreary when you live in a region susceptible to snowfall; especially when you have a morning commute. Icy road conditions causes a sharp increase in the rate of accidents on the roads, leading to expensive repair costs and personal injury.

We are the leading company providing salt spreading in Aberdeenshire. Follow the link to see the areas that we cover.

Snow Clearing Aberdeen offer ice gritting services throughout Aberdeen, Dundee and Peterhead.

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Our pavement and driveways may need a good clearing out in the morning hours. It's recommended to keep an eye on the daily weather forecast, but it provides little practicality in ice conditions. Ice forming around a vehicle and especially on motorways can be hard to handle without gritting involved.

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Rock salt is a popular method to melt ice, but it can be a little too late for commuters because of traffic build-up. Snow ploughs are typically used to clear any snow or ice build-up. Spreading rock salt is more effective during the snowfall to clear the roads; thus, it's important to plan ahead of snowfall.

Once the gritter has put salt on the road, will all ice melt?

When the gritter is spreading salt on the ice over the road, it will not melt the snow automatically. De-icing is a chemical process which takes time; the salt will begin to work once it is distributed over the roads by the cars and other vehicles. Salt spreading is the beginning step followed by traffic "moving the salt" naturally. This also means that roads with light traffic may still be icy after being salted.

Will spreading salt on fresh snow melt it more quickly?

Once the salt is spread, it can melt the snow effectively if it's less than 40mm deep, allowing for the traffic to do the rest. Our team typically ploughs fresh snow to 40mm in depth before spreading salt to work it in and melt to snow.

Does salt melt the ice at any temperature?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions received by our team; the answer is no, salt cannot melt ice at any temperature. Rock salt is most effective at 8 degrees Celsius and over and starts becoming less effective when temperatures are below -5 degrees Celsius. 

Finally, safety is one of our primary concerns. With our experience in winter snowstorms, it's good to call on those who know. Even more so is having the right equipment to get the job done when needed, especially in emergencies.

Snow Clearing Aberdeen are the leading company providing salt spreading in Aberdeenshire. Follow the link to see the areas that we cover.

We cover most areas in North East Scotland including:

Aberdeen city
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Are you looking for commercial road gritting contractors in North Scotland? We offer private hire gritting services, snow removal and winter maintenance for Aberdeen, Dundee and Peterhead. Call 01569 668 110 today.


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