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Salt Spreading in Aberdeen

If you require road gritting in the Aberdeen area, contact our salt spreading team for a reliable service when the roads freeze over. During winter, icy roads and carparks must be gritted to prevent accidents. 

Snow Clearing Aberdeen are the leading winter maintenance operators offering brown or white salt spreading for private roads and carparks throughout north Scotland. 

 The weather in Aberdeen can be unpredictable and throughout the year local residents may experience severe weather conditions. 

We usually expect severe weather throughout December, January and February. So if you are responsible for the maintenance of a roadway or parking area, you will need to find a reliable salt spreading service.

When Do We Salt the Roads in Aberdeen?

The decision to salt a road is made according to the temperature of the roads rather than the air temperature. When road temperatures get close to zero, we advise that the roads are gritted.

Road gritting usually occurs after the peak evening traffic period or before the early morning rush hour.

Snow Clearing Aberdeen monitor weather conditions throughout Aberdeen during the cold periods between October to mid-April to be prepared whenever extreme weather threatens to make the roads unsafe for drivers.

Our vehicles will arrive at the roads for gritting and evenly spread the grit to protect the roads from car accidents. 

Which Roads do the Council Grit in Aberdeen?

The council will usually grit class A and B roads throughout Aberdeenshire. This means that minor roads or privately owned business parks, retail parks, car parks or service stations remain at risk during icy conditions.

If you are responsible for maintaining a private road or driveway, you will need to employ a salt spreading service to help provide a road free from ice or snow.

Rock Salt Delivery

If you have rock salt bins that you use as part of your winter maintenance, you will need to ensure that the bins are filled with grit that is available for use when the weather changes.

Snow Clearing Aberdeen offers rock salt delivery throughout Aberdeen and the surrounding areas. We can deliver grit in bags or as loose grit for filling the grit bins.

We are the leading company providing salt spreading in Aberdeenshire. Follow the link to see the areas that we cover.

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During periods of snow and ice, you will need to ensure that a responsible team is available to spread the rock salt on roads and footpaths at risk from ice and snow.

As the property owner, you will be responsible for the safety of visitors and staff during winter conditions.

Contact Snow Clearing Aberdeen today to ask about our road gritting services and our rock salt delivery throughout Aberdeen and the surrounding areas.

Call to discuss your winter maintenance requirements and our team will be happy to help with salt supply and spreading.

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